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Logistics of Carnival

One of the amazing things about Carnival is the planning and logistics that go on behind the scenes to organize and support bands of thousands of people that parade through Port of Spain and make their way to the Queen's Park Savannah.

Carnival Tuesday - Colors of Carnival

It's Carnival Tuesday in Port of Spain, Trinidad. This is the big day. The day the bands will be judged as they move through Queen's Park Savannah. All the months of preparation and practice culminate here. The music is blaring from the sound trucks as the band members hit the stage.

Junior Parade of Bands - Trinidad Carnival 2017

The Junior Parade of Bands during Port of Spain, Trinidad's Carnival is basically a Carnival for kids. Lots of elaborate costumes, the same music and just as much fun as the adult Parade of Bands on Fat Tuesday. It's not only great to photograph as an event in itself, but it's good practice for the Carnival Tuesday parade.

Canboulay! Trinidad Carnival 2017

This is the first of a series of posts on Carnival 2017 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The Canboulay riots of 1841-1844 legitimized Carnival in Trinidad and are celebrated each year on the Friday before Carnival.